The full range of applications techniques we offer are

Strand Application Methods:

Micro Ring Strand - using silicone lined copper micro rings or micro tubes to attach each hair extension to your own hair. This method is the safest application method and very popular (refer to next page for more details).

Pre-bonded - this is where the hair extension comes pre-bonded with a nail tip or stick tip made of keratin. These hair extensions can be attached with micro rings or tubes or by fusion (glue).

Shrink Links - uses a special shrink link and a hair extension heat gun to cover the bond.

Fusion or glue - most clients move happily from this method to Micro Rings or Micro Tubes, which are far better for your own hair (see Micro Rings and Micro Tubes for more information).

Hair Wefts and Hair Weaves

An alternative method to strand application is where the extension hair is attached to a weft and weaved into the hair. We offer the following methods of hair weaving, and the most suitable weave method for your hair will be discussed during your consultation.

Secure Tracking Weave - a good weave method for most hair types.
Integrated Weave - the weft is attached to cornrows in your own hair.
Interlocking Weave - this weave is better for coarser hair types.
Braidless Weave - this weave system does not use cornrows so provides a flatter base on which to sew the hair weft. It is therefore very suitable for finer European hair.

Hair for Special Occasions, Holidays, Weddings or Parties

If you are wanting glamorous long hair for a special occasion, holiday or evening only, then the following methods are very suitable, as they are quick to apply and remove whenever you wish, and therefore are a more affordable way of having hair extensions for up to six weeks. A full quotation will be given at consultation.

Micro Ring Track - attaches the weft of hair securely using Micro Rings or Micro Tubes.
Protac Tape - uses a special tape to attach the wefts to your own hair safely.

Full Lace Wigs - For Temporary or Everyday Wear

Full Lace Wigs are hugely popular with celebrities (think Beyonce and Tyra Banks) and can remain in place for up to 6 weeks, or can be removed on a day to day basis if required .The base of the wig is made from a very delicate lace, which looks like the pattern of a human scalp and is therefore practically impossible to detect.

Full Lace Wigs are used often in the fashion and music world, and are very popular with models too as it allows them to frequently update their look. The wig is custom made to fit your own head exactly, and will be cut and coloured to give you the exact hairstyle you want. This is also a very popular option for women with hair loss problems, whose hair is not suitable for hair extensions. When properly maintained your Full Lace wig will last for up to 2 years.

glass of wineYour Consultation

Your consultation is the most important step to achieving the hair you have always wanted. This consultation takes about an hour, and during this time we will discuss your needs, assess your hair type and lifestyle and decide which hair extension technique is best for you.