We specialise in creating beautiful and natural-looking heads of hair using only the very best quality of Remy and Virgin human hair and a wide range of hair extension techniques. We understand how disheartened you can feel when your hair is letting you down and how important it is to every woman to feel her hair looks amazing.

Hair extensions are extremely versatile and there are three main ways that they can hair improve your own hair.

Go from short hair to long Hair with a full head of glossy hair extensions

This is the most popular request from clients. A full head of hair extensions can take your hair from short to long in approximately 5 hours. Long hair has been in fashion for a few years now, and the trend is set to continue. Very few people can grow their own hair long whilst keeping it looking glossy, bouncy and healthy, so a full head of hair extensions is guaranteed to get you the results you want, quickly, safely and painlessly. There is no other way to achieve the long hair of your dreams as effectively and naturally. Clients with thick hair will require a full head of hair extensions to achieve a long mane of hair, whilst those with finer hair will require anything from a half head to a full head, depending on the style and texture of your hair to begin with.

Add volume and bounce to limp fine hair with hair extension enhancements

As well as creating full heads of stunning long hair, we also specialise in enhancing fine limp hair, by discreetly adding volume where you need it most. This hair extension enhancement technique is perfect for women who like their basic hairstyle, but want to add more body and thickness.

By carefully placing between a quarter and a half head of extensions underneath your hair, you will leave with a thicker, fuller version of your own hair. The scope for improvement is huge, as even adding 20 extensions to the sides of thin hair can transform a hairstyle. Nobody will be able to tell you are wearing hair extensions as the results are so natural, your friends and colleagues need never know. This will give you the confidence and freedom to wear your hair in whatever hairstyle you like. This hair extension enhancement technique is designed to look completely natural, so clients are recommended to add no more than a few inches in length. This is all about adding body, volume and thickness and is hugely popular amongst women of all ages.

Experiment safely with colour with no risk to your own hair

You can also experiment with colour with no risk to your own hair by adding highlights or lowlights, or panels of colour. The effect is entirely up to you, and can be as subtle or striking as you wish. Because all of our extensions are custom-made, we can get the exact effect you want, ranging from using a blend of 2 or 3 colours throughout the whole head so that the colour of your hair looks subtly enhanced and brightened, to bolder changes. For hair that is already highlighted, we can blend a lighter colour into each extension to make your hair look blonder without you having to use a bleach on your own hair. This is a very popular request, particularly from women with very dark hair or long hair. The options are limitless.
Fantasy Hair

Hair extensions can also be used to create very dramatic results, and are used prolifically in theatre, tv and the fashion and music industries. For any enquiries of this nature, please contact Amber directly.

Hair Extensions For You

Come and let us create a beautiful head of hair for you, using the softest, best quality hair extensions, in a lovely cottage in central Richmond, where your privacy and comfort are guaranteed. We will expertly and safely apply your hair extensions and professionally cut them in, so they blend in harmony with your own hair, so they look and feel completely natural. And equally importantly, we will take the time to show you how to maintain and style your fabulous new hair, so they enhance your life every day.